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Buy Employee Badges and Lanyards at Form Tech

For those of you who want to protect name badges and you want to keep securely in place that can be clipped to the front of your shirt, blouse, or sweater or you can also hang them around your neck in order to make people easy to read them. You can go to Form Tech in order to buy employee badges and lanyards that you can choose from a couple of options. The products that they offer are designed with a clear plastic protector which helps avoid scuffs, marks and make the name badge damaged. These are a couple of options to buy employee badges and lanyards from Form Tech.

Polyester Lanyards

Polyester Neck Lanyards can be custom printed that offer a great balance of a great low price and high-performance product. These lanyards are the most well-known design which can be customized. Made from a high quality polyester material, the logos are imprinted into the surface by using screen printing process that results in vibrant printed lanyard.

Silkscreen Lanyard with Free Breakaway Release

This is one of polyester lanyards with a reasonable price that come with a free breakaway release as well as the option of swivel clip or bulldog clip attachments which are supported with metal crimp. You do not have to spend money for the attachments. The breakaway lanyard comes with quick release clasp which can be easy to open if you have an emergency that is making it a lanyard which is very safe.

Economy Custom Polyester Lanyards

Economy Custom Lanyards are well-known, comfortable, and durable for you to wear. These lanyards are also the most economical one that you can find in the market nowadays. These lanyards are made from high-quality polyester material and also through the screen printing process. The logo and the text will be imprinted into the surface of the lanyards. This is the perfect option if you want to buy employee badges and lanyards.

Polyester Lanyard with Metal Split Ring and Metal Crimp

The Polyester Lanyard which is supported with the metal spilled ring and the metal crimp is the standard option that you can get. You will not find back side and end to end side imprint. If you request the paper proof, it takes 2 days to produce. If you want to have convenience release, you have to wait for 3 days to production.

Dye-Sublimation Lanyards

You have to wait 10 days if you order these lanyards. The full-color dye sublimation lanyard lets unlimited print color choice by using the capability of digital printing which has been sublimated. The design of the lanyard will be transferred digitally to a high-quality micro weaved polyester material to the edge to edge printing that will give the lanyard the most professional look.

Polyester Dye Sublimated Lanyard with Metal Spilt Ring and Metal Crimp

At this polyester lanyard, you will find that the artwork is reprinted on the back side except when you request to have 1 side only. The front side imprint will not be lined up with the backside; it means that the back side of every lanyard is one of a kind. You do not have to spend your money for pre-production sample; you have to request it on order. If you request the paper proof, it takes about 2 days to production. If you request to have pre-production sample, it takes 5 days to production.

Magnetic Name Badges

You can have these magnetic name badges with full color printed by using a very stunning UV ink. Each name badge features a metal strip which has been applied to the back that will attract the magnet via clothing for a secure hold. You have to keep in mind that someone with pacemakers does not have to wear magnets.

Heavy Weight Satin Lanyard

The material of heavy weight satin is perfect for using a long time period and applications of full color. The process of the material is called sublimation. You can find continuous imprint which is available with both sides full color. There are a couple of color lanyards which are available as long as they provide PMS color. You can get 24 hours service without having to spend your money. You can also add safety plastic breakaway which is optional.

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