Certified Japanese Translation Services

Certified Japanese Translation Services: How to order for application approval

Ordering certified translation may seem daunting…

And, you certainly don’t want to mess up the ordering process because the consequences to you can be devastating with rejected applications and whatnot! I’m sure you understand the life altering impact that would have on an immigration application, for example?

Some of the certified Japanese translation questions you may have:

  • Do I go with certified, or notarized, translation?
  • Do I need a certified Japanese translator?
  • What is a Statement of Certification, and is it signed or stamped?
  • Do I submit my original documents to the translation company?

(These are all pivotal questions that need to be dealt with when ordering certified translation in Japanese English; however, I’m sure you have more relating to your particular project. Keep reading to find the answers to those questions.)

Suddenly seems more daunting, doesn’t it? However, as long as you keep a few important things in mind, ordering certified translation is fairly straightforward!


Most important of all, you’ll want to use professional translation services with plenty of experience. That is, a Japanese translation company that has a track record of experience delivering translated & certified documents accepted by embassies, immigration services and other official organizations. (Since you’re dealing with Japanese documents, a translation company in Japan, Tokyo would be more qualified to handle your documents.)

Click Certified Japanese Translation Services to get your personal & legal Japanese documents translated in English and approved first time round.


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