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Tips on How to Challenge a Will in Court of Law

In any family the most difficult time is when one of the family members is dead. They need to make a good lot of arrangements. One of the most important arrangements to be made is executing the will of the dead person. The deceased person would have hired a person or company who has been authorized by the probate court to deal with the deceased money, estate and many more. This gives them the power to collect all the money and pay the debts and taxes and distribute the remaining property and money to the rightful legal heirs as mentioned in the will. If any of the legal heir is under the assumption that justice has been not to done to him or her can no doubt approach the court to get justice for the Disputed Wills. But this claim should be made within six months of the grant of probate. The legal heir who has challenged the will has to go to the local district probate registry to get confirmed whether the grant has been issued or not.

Written Request Also Would Serve the Purpose

In case the person who is challenging the will does not find it feasible to go there in person then he or she can write to probate registry and search on their behalf. Nevertheless they charge for this service but they get it done. A copy of the grant along with the will is send to the person who is challenging the will. If the grant is not found the same is intimated.

More Information on Challenging a Will

If a grant has not been issued then the challenger of the will should request the probate to carry out a standing search which is valid for six months and within this time if probate is granted it will notified by the registry a copy of the grant and will is provided by them. People should take the Will Disputes to the court within six months of the date of the grant of probate. If people are worried about the validity of a will they if they require more time to investigate they can get it done by applying for a caveat to stop a probate from being issued.

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